Regarding the validity of Russian and Belarusian Green Cards in Lithuania commencing June 2023

From 1 June 2023 the bilateral agreements between the Russian and Belarusian Green Card Bureaux on the one hand, and the Green Card Bureaux of EEA countries and Switzerland on the other hand, are terminated.

Having regard to the above, the cross-border traffic between these countries is subject to frontier insurance. It means that from 1 June 2023 all Green Cards issued by Russian or Belarusian insurance companies cannot be considered as valid in Lithuania.

In order to enter the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, drivers of vehicles registered in Russia or Belarus should purchase a Lithuanian Frontier insurance policy or provide any other valid Frontier insurance document, issued in any EEA country.

Lithuanian Frontier Insurance policies can be issued only physically in the territory of Lithuania.

Lithuanian Frontier insurance policies are available for purchase at border salespoints in most checkpoints of the State Border of the Republic of Lithuania where traffic is allowed.  At the moment, the Frontier insurance policies can be purchased at the following border checkpoints:

Checkpoints on the border with Belarus:

  • Medininkai – Kamenyj Log;
  • Šalčininkai – Benekainys;

Checkpoints on the border with Russia:

  • Kybartai – Černyševskoje;
  • Panemunė – Sovetskas.

It is important to know, that the minimum period of the validity of Frontier insurance policies is 15 days and the maximum period of the validity is 90 days. As Lithuania is one of the EEA countries, the frontier insurance policies issued by Lithuanian insurance companies are valid in all other EEA countries and Switzerland.

For more information about the amount of the insurance premium for Frontier insurance policy, payment methods or other questions you are interested in, please contact our member companies directly.